Serra da Estrela fascinates people both in the summer and in the winter season, but winter always appeals to a gastronomic warmth. The secret of this cuisine is in the excellence of the mountaineer gastronomic products, without which the same recipes would not gain their unique flavor.
Due to the climatic conditions of Serra da Estrela region, Celorica da Beira obtains a diversity of cheeses whose characteristics vary according to the altitude, the quality of the pastures and the conditions of the cure for it. Therefore, the town of Celorico da Beira has won the title “Capital of the cheese of Serra da Estrela”.

The famous Serra da Estrela Cheese, as well as the curd cheese and the traditional sausages, the wines of unique characteristics are born of a rustic climate of extremes. The olive oil, characterized by its softer tonality and fruity palate, indispensable in varied snacks and typical local dishes like roasted lamb, game meats such as boar and rabbit or the 365 different ways of cooking cod!

Fruits and breads also reinforce the tables of this region like jams and rye bread of unforgettable aroma, texture and flavor.
As far as confectionery is concerned, apart from the jams, it is worth mentioning the mountaineer honey made from the pollen of two species, heather, with darker shade, and rosemary, with a lighter shade.

The aromatic herbs give birth to recipes and products typical of the cuisine of Serra da Estrela such as gorse rice, juniper liqueur or honey firewater. Highlighted are the lamb and trout, which, due to the unique conditions of its habitat, are the highest exponent of mountain gastronomy.